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The People's Choice

For the first time ever you can be a judge for the Fashion at The Races competition, and pick your favourite look from the year.  This way, the winners of each event can involve their family and friends through social media and online and really show off their win!

After each qualifying event, the Best Dressed winner will have their photo uploaded to the ‘Vote’ Section of the Fashion at The Races website. Voting will be enabled for 1 week after the photo is uploaded, during which time anyone can vote for the winner of that event. Voting is limited to once per day.  The Winner can share and promote this as much as they would like!

At the conclusion of the last event’s voting period (one week after the 2017 Roxby Downs Cup), the voting will be open for all 26 winners for 2 weeks.

During this time you are welcome to vote again, and vote for who you think should win the People’s Choice from the whole competition.

Votes will be tallied from the combined voting periods for each winner, and will be announced along with all of the other competition at the end of August 2017.

All you need to do now is keep an eye on the voting section and make sure you didn’t miss your opportunity to have a say. If you know someone who has won an event make sure you vote for them and give them the chance to win an amazing prize from Media Makeup, which is $1000 worth of Makeup Forever Products and makeup services.

The first event is at the 2016 Advertiser Balaklava Cup!

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