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INTERVIEW: Nikki Gogan

We fell in love with her when she was on The Bachelor in 2016, and even more in love when we discovered on her hometown visit that Nikki Gogan is a racewear lover and Fashions on the Field regular. The Western Australian has been a Face of the WA Country Cups, and entering FOTF events for years now. Her Anzac inspired look in 2014 secured her place as the WA Finalist for the Myer Fashions on the Field, and she went on the become national runner up!

We chatted to Nikki about all things race wear and her national win.


How did your love of racewear first come about?

I grew up around the Northam Race Club where my Dad was the Track Manager, and I have a very clear picture in my mind of when I first took notice of a Fashions on the Field event in Northam at the Cup. The year after, I took extra effort in dressing up in a skirt, matching top and my very first hat. It was black with a white trim with black and white feathers, but I didn’t enter the FOTF event that year - I can’t even remember if there was one that day! But the year after, again, I went to the effort, I remember purchasing a beautiful wide brimmed violet hat the day before the Northam Cup, I entered my very first FOTF event and I won! I was 17 years old. And the rest as they say, is history...

You were national runner up in the National Myer FOTF competition in 2014 - What was that experience like? 

I had the time of my life attending lunches, race days and events in Melbourne, it was a surreal experience. I came away as Runner Up to Victoria in the National 2014 competition in my ANZAC inspired outfit. Sometimes I still think it was a crazy fun dream!

Nikki 2

Are you a regular on the Fashions on the Field scene in the WA racewear community?

I was a regular up until around 12 months ago. Last year was extremely busy for me! The racing community in WA is wonderful. You see regular faces and the girls become friends often traveling together to different FOTF events - WA is a big state and there is a lot of ground to cover! I think its a fantastic community to be involved in. 


What do you love most about race wear and the FOTF competitions?

I love that race wear is generally very classic. I love dressing like a lady. I love the longer hems and that hats and gloves are accessories, I love those little details. I also really enjoy that it doesn’t matter your age, your shape or your size - its about the outfit and the way you’ve put it together, hopefully your personality shines through in the outfit you’ve put together. I love that anyone can be involved in FOTF competitions. 

Nikki 3


What top tips would you give to ladies entering the competition here in SA?

I am inspired by so many different things when it comes to putting my outfits together. Sometimes its the shoes or the hat or a skirt that I’ll find and I’ll just base my outfit on that. I hardly ever purchase the dress/skirt/top directly before an event as there is more chance that someone else will be wearing it too! There is a tip, if you see something, buy it! Keep it in the wardrobe until you find the perfect hat/shoe/bag to match it. Often, outfits will simply fall into place without too much trouble and these are the ones that work best. I had the hat I won my first city FOTF event in for 4 years before I wore it.

My top tip when entering any FOTF event is your best accessory is a smile so flash those pearly whites and make sure you feel comfortable in the outfit you are wearing, ensure you can walk in your shoes! 

 Nikki 4


For more of Nikki's racewear style inspiration follow her on Instagram!

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