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Keeping it Modern

With an institution as traditional as the races, it can sometimes feel hard to break out of the mould and try something new and transition from classic racing into something a bit more modern. We all know that the standard race day outfit consists of the dress, heels and fascinator combination, but in recent years, ladies have opted to steer away from the old school fascinators and get a bit creative.

Dolce and gabbana


This year we’re giving a nod to the infamous Dolce and Gabbana runway and embracing the crown (and I don’t mean a flower crown).  These amazing jewelled crowns are luxurious, yet not as showy as the old school fascinators. They’re the perfect way to add some wow factor to your outfit, especially when you’re like me and like to keep the rest of your outfit relatively clean.

keeping it modern 2

For inspiration I turn to my absolute favourite Myer Racing Ambassadors; Nikki Phillips and Jodi Anasta. You can see at the recent Myer Racing launch both of these gorgeous ladies were seen sporting jewelled crowns trend in one way or another. The great thing about this trend is that you don’t have to stick to a traditional crown, you can always grab a metallic headband with some cute headwear attached, and as you can see you can also up the ante with some awesome statement earrings.


jodi gordon

Even Fashion at The Races Millnery Ambassador Sylvy Earl has been recently drawn to creating metallic headpieces, pulling it back to something delicate and intricate.


sylvy earl 2

To compliment the ornateness of metallic and jewelled headpieces and accessories, this racing season I love to see people keeping it fresh and feminine with blush and nude tones. Check out this dress and more from BNKR here.

 keepsake 4

Crowns really are a trend that anyone can embrace and they’re not too hard to find either, why not get creative and go on a shopping spree at your favourite fast fashion jewellery store and layer some looks to get the perfect headpiece!




Images by Wendellt, Dolce and Gabanna, Sylvy Earl

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