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New Changes to The 2016-17 FATR Competition

Due to the rescheduling of the 2017 Quorn Cup, Thoroughbred Racing S.A. Limited (TRSA) has had to make some changes to the format and timing of the 2016-17 Competition.

Specifically, to ensure track conditions are up to standard for racing, the Quorn Cup has been postponed from June 3 2017 to September 2 2017.

According to Clause 11 of the Competition Terms and Conditions*, TRSA reserves the right to determine the way in which the Competition shall proceed in the event of any Qualifying Event being brought forward, postponed or cancelled for any reason.

TRSA has therefore determined that the Quorn Cup will now be the final Qualifying Event of the 2016-17 Fashion at The Races Competition.

After the Quorn Cup Minor Qualifying Event, all 26 State Final Qualifiers (namely, those who are awarded the title of Women’s Racewear Winner at each Qualifying Event) will be profiled online for voting for the People’s Choice Overall Winner for a period of one week (7 days), rather than two weeks.  Voting will be open from 5.00pm Sunday September 3 2017 until 5.00pm Sunday September 10 2017. Members of the public can vote online for the People’s Choice Overall Winner.

Given that the Women’s Racewear Winner from the Quorn Cup Minor Qualifying Event will not be afforded with a separate one week online voting period (as provided for in clause 10.6(b) of the Competition Terms and Conditions), each vote accepted as a valid vote for the Quorn Cup Women’s Racewear Winner will be counted as two valid votes.

Judging of the Competition Final (except in respect of the People’s Choice Overall Winner) will now take place after Sunday September 3 2017 and before Monday September 11 2017.  The Women’s Racewear Overall Winner, Women’s Racewear Overall Runner-up, Men’s Racewear Overall Winner and People’s Choice Overall Winner will now be announced on Monday September 11 2017.

The Competition Terms and Conditions otherwise remain in full force and effect.

Please contact Thoroughbred Racing South Australia for any questions relating to the changes to the competition.

*Full Competition Terms and Conditions can be found here.


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