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It's All in the Brows

If there's anything that's become clear in the makeup world over the past year or two, it's that brows are everything. Gone are the days when super thing eyebrows are the look, now it's all about growing them out and letting them go wild. Of course though, there's quite an art to styling and shaping the brows to compliment your whole makeup look and frame your face.


Media Makeup is not just a makeup store, but an academy that trains professional makeup artists. The artists in the store can guide you through various techniques to make sure you can re-create your look at home - all you need is a few helpful tips and tricks, and the right products.


We aren't all blessed with beautiful big brows, so being able to fill them in to even out the colour and create a beautiful shape is key. Media Makeup stocks a range of eyebrow products, but our pick is the Pro Sculpting Brow Palette, a convenient all in one palette easy to have on the go for a touchup!


Check out these 3 easy steps from Media Makeup for the perfect brow...



Apply the color by gently stroking over the sparse areas.
Use the tip of the pencil on the bottom eyebrow hairs to intensify them and create a «natural line".

Tip: Before coloring the eyebrow, brush it up and down in order to redefine the line and make it easier to apply the color. This also helps remove excess powder after applying face makeup.

Brows 1


Brush the eyebrow again to blend the color.

Tip: Add more color as needed. For a natural, customized result, it is recommended to apply the color gradually.

brows 2

3. Illuminate

Apply a touch of light at the brow bone to highlight the eyes.

brows 3



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