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Add to Cart: 5 minimalist beauty products for raceday

When it comes to beauty, sometimes less is more.

Gone are the days of using every single product in your makeup bag for one look. Thankfully, sparkly eyeshadow is now a thing of the past.

While there is a world of product at our feet, there's something beautiful about highlighting just one feature at a time. Whether it's the eye, the lip, or the skin, it's time to exercise some restraint! 

For 5 makeup looks perfect for a race day inspired by some of our favourite celebrities, we've found the perfect products to achieve them.

You want... Gigi Hadid's BIG luscious lashes

makeup 1


makeup 6 A good quality mascara will last throughout a day trackside, and make sure your lashes stay big and bold. To get lashes as bold as Gigi's, create a subtle look for the rest of the face - including a neutral pallete in the eyes - and finish with 2 layers of mascara. This one is waterproof as well, so is sure to last the distance.




 You want... Jennifer Hawkins' bronzed cheeks

makeup 2

You need... PRO BRONZE FUSION makeup 7

A bronze glow is near on impossible to maintain naturally year round, and even in Summer you don't want be putting your face through too much sun exposure. A good bronzer is an essential for any makeup bag, and Jennifer Hawkins always nails the tan look for race days. To keep your bronze fresh all day, lay a good base using primer, foundation, and set with a powder. Bronzer isn't for covering your whole face, but use it to highlight your cheekbones, jaw line, forehead and the bridge of your nose.



You want... Olivia Munn's peach-rosy cheeks 

makeup 3

You need... HD CREAM BLUSH makeup 8

If you're going for the girly look, a beautiful blush is essential. It's important to find the right blush for your skin tone, and we love cream blushes especially. They last longer than the traditional powder types, and blend with foundation. For Olivia Munn's look, keep the eyes in a natural palette, or go for a liquid liner instead. Blend the blush in last, using the bronzer on the forehad and nose.  




You want... Taylor Hill's brow game

makeup 4

You need... AQUA BROW KIT 

makeup 9

Eyebrows have gone through a complete evolution through the decades. Only recently were pencil thin eyebrows all the rage! Now, it's all about the big, natural brow, like Victoria's Secret Angel Taylor Hill. One thing has remained the same though - it can be challenging to maintain! There are more products now than ever dedicated to the brow, with brushes, gels, pencils and more. For a good all in one, invest in a kit that has everything you need. 

You want... Blake Lively's kissable red lips

makeup 5

You need... ARTIST ROUGE LIP PALETTE makeup 10

Trends have come and gone, but the red lip has always been in fashion. From the Hollywood starlets of the early 20th Century to now, a red lip works for just about every woman. Whether it's a red lip to dress up a white T-shirt and jeans look, or the glamarous finish to an evening look, every makeup collection should contain a red lip colour. Red comes in many shades though, and to make sure it works for your skin tone best a palette allows you to blend and mix different shades to create the right colour. Keep the rest of the look neutral, with lighter tones in the eyes for day and a little darker for night. Added bonus is that everyone's teeth looks those few shades whiter with a red lip!


Not totally comfortable diving in yourself? 

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Images via Pinterest/Media Makeup

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