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What to Wear to the AFF

With just one week to go until the 2018 Adelaide Fashion Festival, the designers aren't the only ones planning what outfits they're going to be putting on the runway. For all of those lucky ones heading to an event from the AFF's incredible program this year, it's important to put your best fashion foot forward.

Street style - It's where most of us tend to get most of our inspiration from, seeing how the real girls of the fashion world put together looks using modern trends and classic pieces, and somehow always seem to look comfortable and cool.

Let's be clear, there's no need for high end designers or formal dresses here. You can look just as good in jeans and t-shirt, if it's styled right. We've compiled a few of our favourite street style tips to get you started. 

The classics are classics for a reason

If there's anything that any woman learns by her mid-20s, it's to have a stockpile of jeans, shirts, and neutrals in her wardrobe. The humble blue jean/shirt combo will never go out of style, and makes the perfect understated statement for a fashion event.

Spice it up with a red lip, a pop of colour in the accessory, or a statement shoe. Or, keep it all understated. You'll always be one of the best dressed.

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Heels are definitely not necessary

Ladies all over the world, rejoice! Gone are the days when a stiletto was necessary to look like you're ready to go out. The fashion world has warmly embraced flat shoe varieties, and we're certainly not mad about it.

A sneaker, flat boot (R.M. Williams one of the best), or flat sandal not only looks good, but is the best comfort choice you can make. Pair a sneaker with a skirt, or a flat boot with a formal cocktail dress, for something different.

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It's all in the details

If there's one go-to for street style, it's those details shots. Flick through any Street Style album and you can see how the sneaky photographers seek out the perfect closeup of a shoe, bag or accessory. 

A simple look certainly isn't simple when paired with a statement bag, or chunky accessories. Remember the reverse rule; a simple look calls for accessories, a busy look calls for none. Or, just forget the rules.

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4. Nothing is too far out of the ordinary...

The best thing about Fashion events is that it's time for you to shine. Forget dress codes, forget trends, forget the norm. 

If you are all about the oversize, clashing patterns, or layering, take it to the extreme. No one will think you're weird, in fact they'll admire your courage and individuality! Dress the way you want to and you'll always be stylish.

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5. Business in the front, party in the back.

Surprise the crowd by walking past them with an outfit that looks simple, only to reveal a unique touch in the back. A backless shirt, or detailed jacket can be the perfect statement.

Search for one from your favourite designers, or go DIY on this. It doesn't take much to make something backless, or get crafty with your favourite denim or leather jacket. We might advise a Youtube Tutorial or 2 before you go crazy with the sewing kit though!

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You can buy tickets for the Adelaide Fashion Festival on their website, with fashion shows, lunches, workshops and more on sale. 

Images via, Photography by Liz Sunshine for Vogue Australia

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