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What to Pack for the Track

When it comes to what we bring to a day at the races, we've got to be selective. You know it's going to be a big day of being out in the elements, eating, drinking, cheering and probably a bit of dancing. It's a lot of activities to cover with what you've got in your bag.

It's all about the clutch all the shoulder bag for a race day, so that you have something easy to wear but also super stylish to fit all of your essentials into.

The Daily Edited has a variety of sizes, shapes and styles for race day accessories, and has been made even better by this year's Spring Racing Edit. We managed to pick just a few of our favourites...

TOME x TDE Primrose Colleen Shoulder Bag with Black Detail



Black Circle Bag



Warm Red Fold Clutch



But what to pack?

To make sure you don't wear yourself out too quickly throughout the day, we've compiled a cheat sheet for you so that you're never left in the lurch at a race day. Feel free to print it out for your next event!

    • Don't forget the most important thing, your tickets to get you into the Racecourse. Bring a printed ticket and your wristband/pass if you have one for your area.
    • Between sipping champagnes and satisfying race day hungers, you'll need a touch up throughout the day. Makeup Forever's Rouge Artist range have an ultra creamy texture, smooth finish and lasting colour throughout the day. 
    • There's not a person alive who enjoys blisters, so pack a couple of band-aids in your bag in case one develops throughout your day. Even if you don't use them, you might save the day of another lady in need!
    • Nothing kills a party like a headache. Pack a couple of headache tablets to ease a sore head that develops.
    • Hopefully it's a sunny day for your next day trackside, which might cause you to develop a little bit of a glow. Glow can turn into shine very quickly, so a quick powder touch up will fit the job. The Makeup Forever Velvet Finish is compact and lightweight, perfect to tuck into your bag. 
    • Sometimes nothing makes you feel fresher than fresh breath, so a mint will do the job quickly and effectively. 
    • If you can get your hands on a mini-portable charger, you'll never regret it. There are some really cool portable phone chargers out there that fit neatly into your bag, and guarantee you'll never run out of juice to post those Race Day Instagrams. 
  • CASH
    • While we all like to think we live in a near cashless society, you'll always be thankful for having a spare $20 in your clutch. Whether you use it when the ATM live is just too long, or for a cheeky bet on the Cup!

Put all of your race day essentials into a beautiful personalized accessory from The Daily Edited, and you're all set for a great day trackside!



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