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For the Gents: One on One with @itsmejack

He's a blogger, men's style icon and former Melbournian, making Jack Reynolds one of the highest authorities when it comes to men's racewear this Spring Racing season.

The now Adelaide young professional has amassed a growing following on Instagram thanks to his incredible style, ranging from 3 piece suits to casual jeans and t shirt looks. It's also hard to look past Jack's distince beard, making him an icon in the men's grooming scene as well.

We caught up with Jack to get his best advice for all of the gentlemen hitting the track for Spring Racing. He gave us his top tips, his top no's, and takes us through how he has developed his status as a style icon for the guys. 

Spring Carnival is here! What’s your favourite thing about Spring Racing?

The best thing about Spring Racing is the vibe it creates nationally. Whether it be Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide, it feels like Spring Racing is the begging to the back end of the year, and more importantly the warm weather.

I also feel in Adelaide, Spring Racing creates such a positive ambience in Adelaide! 

You’ve amassed an amazing following through your style, how did it all start?

Funnily enough, I was somewhat forced! Having spent the best part of the last two years living in Melbourne, my housemate was a Marketing Manager and thought I should start a Instagram page as I was living the young professional life. Plus in her words, “I had the whole beard thing going”. Lets just say the rest is history.

Jack 2

How would you describe your style?

My style is all about being versatile and modern. I try to mix things and be different! For me its important be to able to adjust to the latest trends and thats why my style is has so much breadth to it.

I literally go from wearing a suit and tie during the week, to rocking a white tee and denim jacket on the weekend. It constantly changes with the season.

The beard is a distinctive part of your look, what are your top male grooming/beard maintenance tips?

Gents, it’s fundamental to plan ahead! Whether it be making a barber appointment the day/week before or even giving yourself enough time the morning. Unfortunately, I think it’s a bit late now to start growing your beard for Spring Racing - however, there is always next year!

Race wear is a whole style of its own – what are your favourite sort of things to wear to The Races?

I think in recent times we’ve seen a move away from traditional suiting to a more 'mixed and matched' approach. Don’t get me wrong, a matching suit is totally acceptable and looks amazing! For me personally, I love wearing different patterns and playing with colour pallets during the racing season.

What style tips would you give gents for a day trackside?

It’s important to remember that a day at the races is a marathon, not a sprint. Stay hydrated, and ensure you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. It’s likely you’ll be wearing that same outfit 11am to late at night (assuming you pick a couple of winners - have faith!)

Jack 3

What are you absolute No’s when it comes to guys dressing for the races?

I would say definitely...

  • Over accessorising;
  • White athletic socks;
  • Wearing anything other than white, black, grey or charcoal on Derby Day;
  • Doing both buttons up on a two buttoned suit
  • Finally, not bringing your best quality - your SMILE!

Who do you look to for style inspiration?

From the bloggers/influencers side of things - definitely Blake Scott. He's definitely one of my style icons. I always look to him for style tends on the more formal side of things. Definitely check him out on Instagram  for some last minute Raceday tips!

After Spring Carnival we have Summer racing, with events around SA like the Mount Gambier Cup, Kangaroo Island Cup and Strathalbyn Cup. What are your tips for dressing for the races on a super-hot Summer’s day?

First and foremost it's important to incorporate summer fabrics such as linen into your outfit.

Secondly, it’s not uncommon nowadays to go tie-less. I would suggest ‘bringing’ it up in other areas for example pocket squares and lapel pins.

Finally, it’s now acceptable to rock the “sickles look” at the track. (pro tip: please still wear “no-show” socks). This is actually the first year that the big Victorian racing meets have allowed guys to flaunt their ankles. Please remember if you’re going for this look to ensure your pants have been tapered!

Can you give us any hints on what you’ll be wearing on Melbourne Cup Day?

Melbourne Cup is all about setting the pace with bright colours and bold patterns. Let’s just say “you’ll see me” haha.

For more of Jack's style, head to his Instagram

Images courtesy of Jack Reynolds/Meaghan Coles Photography

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