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How to pick your perfect Race Day Bag according to Alyce Tran

When it comes to perfectly executed Race Day ensembles, your threads are just half the battle with accessories taking centre stage at the trackside. Pick the right bag and it could be the cherry on top of your winning cake. However opt for the bag closest to you on your way out the door and you could end up the deflated crème brulee of the group. So what are the key elements to consider when choosing the perfect bag for your look? We could tell you ourselves but we thought the name behind some of Australia’s most Instagram worthy bags was more worthy of the job. The woman that brought the monogramming game back to the masses and is a permanent trackside fixture on the arm of some of the most fashionable women in Australia. You know the name we are about to drop – The Daily Edited’s Alyce Tran.

Now first things first, build a base and invest in a classic, the kind of bag that never disappoints. Tran’s personal favourite is the mini cross body bag. “It’s roomy enough for your essentials for the day with a long strap so you can keep your hands free for a champagne and race ticket”.  Spoken like a true trackside pro!

With your ‘go-to’ bag covered, if you are looking to make a special Race Day purchase for that podium finish you should “look to match one of the tones from your dress or try matching a detail on your dress”. They do say that the devil is in the detail.

If you wear a lot of black “the sky is the limit because black works with everything! I would do a pop of colour" says Tran. Here at The Races offices we are lusting over a touch of burgundy. If you are wearing bright prints and floral’s on the on the day, try to avoid a heavy black and opt for a colour injected in your ensemble.

When it comes to staying on trend, micro bags are the hot ticket item this season according to Alyce. Now we know this means leaving your makeup bag, perfume and the kitchen sink at home but on the plus side, it also removes any excuse to touch up your makeup on the hour. Enjoy the racing atmosphere and champagne instead because a lipstick and phone is all you need.

… Which also brings us to the biggest fashion faux pas at the races, which is overdoing it in the bag department. According to Alyce, there is nothing worse than seeing people lug around huge totes and oversized bags at the trackside. “How can you have a good time with that much weight on your shoulder!?” she asks.

Now, it really wouldn’t be a bag guide without asking the girl who has access to every shape and size you can think of, what her ‘go-to’ The Daily Edited bag is. “I am still loving our circle bag. It’s perfect for the day and night with the little handle or long strap”. Well if Alyce says so … you know we have to have one too!

TDE Black BoxBag flatlay

TDE BoxBags flatlay

TDE Burgundy MiniCrossBodyBag flatlay

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