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Style Tips with Steve Tilly

If you're like me and like to stand out from the other gents on a race day, one way is to use a patterened shirt as part of your ensemble. Whilst a patterened shirt is traditionally worn as a casual centrepiece on its own, if styled correctly it can be a great feature in a more formal race look. 

The first ingredient you will need is a plain coloured well fitted suit, this is key. A patterned suit will ultimately clash with the shirt or other details. Steve 6

Next it's the shirt choice; the pattern and colour should compliment the suit colour so as not to clash, and the type of pattern is also important. Given it's Spring, a floral pattern is my choice but there are a lot of different patterns available to choose from. A checkered pattern is also a good option for those who are a little risk adverse; it provides a slightly more formal feel and is a safer bet than a floral pattern for example. You can get some fantastic patterned shirts from brands like M.J Bale, Marcs, Jamesharper and Hardyaimes.

The third ingredient is a tie and pocket square; you should have both. The easiest option to avoid the look being too much is to go open neck or buttoned up shirt with no tie, however for the races my view is a more formal look is required. The second easiest option is a bowtie because there is less of it and its less likely to result in colours clashing.

A standard tie looks great when paired correctly. For an added layer of texture perhaps use a knit tie, these look great. Colour wise, a plain single colour is best that links with the suit colour or the square so it doesn't clash with the shirt. Either as a similar colour or for those who are more bold a completely different colour can be incorporated.

Steve 7

An added element can be a lapel pin but this needs to be small in size and subtle in colour to not result in the look being too busy.

Add some sharp sunnies, loafers or dress shoes with no socks and maybe a fedora hat and you are on your way to being best dressed on raceday.

Steve is a men's style blogger and Dappertudist on Instagram @stevetillystyle. Follow him for more men's style inspiration and on Fashion at The Races thorughout the year.

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