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5 Minutes with Twice Blessed

Sisters Bec and Marissa Karagiorgos are just like any other Australian siblings, except for their incredible style, creative talents and global network of clients that culminate in their blog Twice Blessed. Have a scroll through their Instagram feed and you'll find endless fashion and beauty inspiration, which you'll especially love if you share their passion for monochrome and laidback but still powerful styling. 


The Twice Blessed bloggers are no stranger to a day at The Races, having recently been a big part of the Spring Racing Carnival at Flemington as ambassadors for Emporium Melbourne. We had a one-on-two with the stylish Bec and Marissa and got their advice for race day style. 


How did you enjoy the 2016 Spring Racing Carnival? What was your favourite part about the carnival?

We had an amazing time! As it was our first time to the Spring Racing Carnival, we didn’t know what to expect, but the gorgeous marquees, food and entertainment blew us away!


Your styles seem to suit each race day (Oaks Day more feminine, Derby Day more classic cuts). What are both of your favourite race day styles?

Our favourite would definitely have been Derby Day.. Yes, everyone knows we love monochrome dressing, however, we loved that we were able to play with silhouettes and layering for Derby Day.

Twice blessed 1

What are your top 3 tips for ladies entering the Fashions on the Field competitions and hoping to win?

1. Have fun with prints and textures

2. Be creative in your styling (create layers and interest with accessories)

3. Be yourself & put on a smile! 


Hats vs Fascinators vs Crowns – who wins?

Crowns! Very on trend, simple & elegant 

Twice blessed 2

What are your top tips for the boys entering the competition?

Take risks. Be bold in your dressing and have fun! 

twice blessed 3

What advice do you have for the ladies on a race day; Dos and Don’ts?

Do wear appropriate footwear. Don’t dress outside the dress code. Do have fun with your outfits! 


You can find more inspiration from Bec and Marissa on their blog Twice Blessed, and on their Instagram.


All images courtesy of Bec + Marissa Karagiorgos via Twice Blessed

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