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Effortlessly Undone Updos

When you're too cool for a fascinator during spring racing season.

In partnership with evo hair, BNKR in-house hair and beauty expert Belle Iasenzaniro walks you through this effortless, undone updo - because no ones wants a updo that looks did. 

Step 1: Starting with dry hair, spritz Mister Fantastic onto mid lengths and ends to plump hair, add texture and protect from your heating tools. Use your blow dryer to roughly blast the product in. 

Evo 1


Step 2: Using a curling wand, lightly add a soft wave to mid lengths and ends. If you have shorter pieces that frame your face, make sure you curl these too as they'll also be a feature. 

Step 3: Add Salty Dog and then use your fingers or a wide toothed comb to pull out the waves - this allows the waves to look natural and irregular. 

Evo 2


Step 4: Rough split the hair into two sections from the crown to the nape of your neck. Clip one side out the way and then begin to roughly plait or braid the first section. Don’t worry about neatness or making it too perfect - this is meant to look effortless. Tie at the end and move onto the next section. 

Step 5: Once you've completed your braids, grab some bobby pins and begin to wrap your braids, tucking the ends in (make sure you pull out some front pieces to frame your face). You can also use your fingers to pull and make braid appear thicker and to add texture - this will add to the effortless feel of the look. It's okay if some pieces start to fall out of the braid, that's the beauty of it! 

Step 6: Do a light spritz of Builder's Paradise for security and hold. If you're struggling with texture or your hair is super silky, use Haze to add some grit. 

Step 7: Add your favourite flowers by slipping them into the braid.

Evo 3


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Words: Lucy Ahern/Isabella Iasenzaniro

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