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Abby Von Duve Impresses in Melbourne

Since winning the 2016-17 State Final of Fashion at The Races, Abby Von Duve has continued to impress with her modern race wear style at the National Fashions on the Field in Melbourne.

Making the Top 10, Abby was just shy of a win, but certainly a winner in our eyes with her race day look.

Abby impressed the State Final judges - including Miss Universe Australia Olivia Rogers - enough to be crowned South Australia's best dressed. A Mount Gambier local, Abby is a regular race goer and always impresses with her style, a mix of modern trends and designs with a traditional spin.

We caught up with Abby after her trip to Melbourne to see what it was all like!


What have you been up to since you won the 2016-17 Fashion at The Races? 

I have been busy back at work, so not as glamorous - back at the pool as a swimming instructor every day! I have been loving my BNKR shopping spree, I have picked up lots of gorgeous basics and shoes and a few event outfits for things I have coming up. I have been trying to get ‘everyday’ clothes and not the gorgeous party dresses, but that’s a bit of a challenge!

You recently attended the Spring Carnival at Flemington, entering the National Myer Fashions on the Field! Can you tell us a bit about that experience?

It was my first Melbourne Cup, so I was really excited to go. The Park - where Fashions was held - was just beautifu.

I was lucky enough to get to the Top 10 so I was very happy with that!

Abby 2

I wore a Keepsake The Label top & skirt that I picked up as part of my shopping spree, and a crown made for me by Ashlee Lauren designs. I also picked up some pink heels and a clutch at Harbour Town in Adelaide. I never wear pink but I loved all the different tones together as it made a real statement.

The women all looked absolutely amazing and they cut it down to the top ten very quickly, some stunning outfits didn’t get past the first round. I was definitely nervous lining up among all the gorgeous ladies with the judges and a big bank of cameras in front of me! I got to meet lots of ladies who I follow on Instagram, so that was lovely to meet them in real life.

I got spotted in the crowd enjoying a beer by photographer Richard Shaw who got some great snaps, and I popped up on a street style article online at Vogue so that was really exciting! 

You had with you the 2016-17 Runner-up Brianna Scanlon, who is also from the Limestone Coast. What is it like being in such a beautiful community of FOTF ladies?

Brianna (pictured, middle) wore an Asilio dress that she did some major Instagram detective work to find, and her headpiece was made by a Limestone Coast milliner, Helen Mary Millinery. I have met so many lovely girls from entering FOTF. Bri and I had another SA girl, Rebecca Butcher (pictured, right), stay with us, who was there to support the SA finalist Melissa Barnes. 

All the FOTF ladies are so supportive of each other, it’s great to find out how everyone has put their outfits together and gives you so many ideas for things you can try.

Abby 3

What are your top tips for ladies looking to enter the National FOTF?

I think for any FOTF competitions you really have to let your own style and personality shine through. You definitely need to make sure your outfit has a ‘wow’ factor though as you get one quick turn on the stage to impress the judges and you need to stand out in the crowd!

I made sure everything coordinated, from my shoes to my nails to my earrings as I think this is really important, for all the little things to go together.

What’s your advice for style and survival tips at the Flemington Spring Carnival?

It was a pretty cold day on Cup Day, so lots of ladies had jackets and I even saw a few blankets! You never know what Melbourne weather will do so I think you always need a plan for if it gets cold.

I also spent the weeks leading up to the Cup doing my housework in my pink heels to break them in so they would be super comfortable on the day! 

 Abby 4

The Gold Cup is this Friday, the first time the Mount Gambier Gold Cup will be a summer event! What do you like about Summer race wear?

I think it’s great as you get to play with different fabrics and styles for the warmer weather. I’m planning on a more casual look with a straw boater hat and floral dress.

Everyone in town is really excited for it so I think it’s going to be a great day, I can’t wait to see what the local ladies wear for Fashion at The Races! 


You can have a chance to qualify for the Fashion at The Races State Final this Friday 1st of December at the Scott's Group of Companies Mount Gambier Gold Cup. Register on the day for your chance to win!

Images via Richard Shaw, Abby Von Duve


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