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Create plaited perfection with Clip Joint and Evo Hair

Selecting the appropriate millinery for a race day is a mission wrought with self-doubt. Is it too big, too small, too bold or too plain? The mirror will give you so many different answers, you might just miss your Uber in a state of panic. Rocking a hat requires confidence, so if you can’t wear it with conviction, consider a trend-setting option.

Recent years in racing have seen a shift to minimal headpieces, from headbands to turbans and every dainty accessory in between. Remember when Jennifer Hawkins sported a set of ears at the 2010 Melbourne Cup; the perks are obvious – no hat hair, your makeup appears more prominent and you’ll save time on working out your best angles for your social feed.

To navigate the intimidating landscape of headwear, we have given you a glamorous shortcut with one small investment – a ribbon. Starting with a fabric that flatters the colours of your race day ensemble, you will ace your effortlessly glamorous plait in a few twists and turns, with the expert Evo Hair products to secure it for a delightful day by the track.

Here, Clip Joint shows us how to master this modern millinery hairstyle to replicate Steph Claire Smith's Oaks Day look.

Step 1: Using the Evo Hair' Haze Styling Dust shake throughout hair to give texture.

Hair-1 1 


Step 2: Divide hair into 3 sections. Loosely tie off the middle section with an elastic band.



Step 3: Using your ribbon, thread an elastic band through to centre. Tie this around the middle section of hair. 

Hair-1 2 


Step 4: Using the same method you would use to plait your hair normally, this time you're just plating with a ribbon/scarf on either side. 

hair-1 4 


Step 5: Pull through the sections of the plait to loosen to give the tectured looked. Then, voilà, you're ready for a day at The Races - sans hat. 

hair-1 5 

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