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Iconic race day hair styles: how to make the most of your locks to flatter your millinery

Social media makeup envy is difficult to endure, but watching track stars work their mane magic on the green carpet really puts your curling iron skills into question. When it comes to a racing event, it’s important to plan your hairstyle early to make the most of your locks and highlight your headpiece. Start assembling your arsenal of products and practise until you work heat stylers like a professional, so when your carnival comes around, you will be the one handing out tips on the day. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid offers us some serious millinery moments to tantalise our hair hopes, while evo and Cloud Nine Creative Director Lauren McCowan teaches us how to achieve the season’s finest hair looks at home.   

Natural Notions

According to Lauren, over-processed and over-styled locks have had their time to shine. “Modern hair is all about health and quality with an emphasis on celebrating your own texture,” Lauren says. Looking toward the Spring racing season, Lauren expects racegoers to be inventive in the way they wear their fascinators and headwear. Christian Simmon’s luxe-visor look celebrates the aura of fly-aways, ideal for a relaxed race day.

1. natural notions - Christian Simmon

Smooth Styling

Unattainably smooth hair is now within reach by sticking to a strict system that starts with evo’s Lockdown Smoothing Treatment applied on damp hair from mid-lengths to ends. “This will smooth hair, reduce frizz and improve manageability when styling,” Lauren says. “To provide thermal protection while adding texture and volume, apply evo’s Mister Fantastic Blowout Spray all over,” she says.

Hannibal Laguna’s look lets the shine do the talking, but a minimal hair accessory would be welcome without detracting from your Cloud Nine Airshot blow-dry abilities. “KELA hair charms are an easy and chic hair accessory addition to any hairstyle,” Lauren says.

2. Smooth styling - Hannibal Laguna

Vivacious Volume

Take your hair to new heights, no matter the length and thickness. Use the positioning of your headband to elevate strands at your crown and end the uphill battle with clean hair thanks to a little help from the bottle. “The easiest way to add volume and texture to freshly washed hair is to use evo’s Haze Styling Powder,” Lauren says. “Simply apply to dry hair and rub in to reactivate.”

3. vivacious volume - Agatha Ruiz De La Prada

Slick Feat

A bold fascinator and a sleek up-do is a foolproof combination. Menchen Tomas executes the spring colour palette our winter souls have been screaming for. Made for blow-dry prep and finishing, evo’s Headmistress Cuticle Sealer turns damaged, coloured hair into soft satin. Lauren believes the multi-purpose product fights frizz by binding split ends, making way for manageability. “If you have thick, coarse hair, evo’s Love Perpetua Shine Drops boosts condition and adds incredible shine,” Lauren says. To straighten out large sections of hair, try The Wide Iron by Cloud Nine, designed with extra-wide plates to tame the wildest hair types.

4. slick feat - Menchen Tomas

Level Up

If you haven’t heard, scarves and ribbons are the latest trend in nominal headwear. Not only do they add a festive burst of colour to your ensemble, as styled by Jorge Vasquez, they take the focus off what you can or can’t do at home with your hair. “Evo’s Mister Fantastic Hair Bungees are perfect for securing up-styles by conveniently wrapping around the hair several times to preferred tightness,” Lauren says. Removable without ripping or pulling on your strands, your scarf won’t budge with Bungees.

5. level up - Jorge Vasquez

Loose Waves

If you’re racewear is all about your hat like Ailanto’s runway look, add movement to your hair with the newest trend in waves. “Prep hair with evo’s Liquid Rollers Curl Balm to hold curls together and reduce frizz,” Lauren says. Loose waves tread the line between soft waves and limp locks, so keeping your subtle curl in place is key. “Once hair is curled, finish the style with evo’s Miss Malleable Flexible Hairspray to hold in place,” she says. Our favourite styler for this look is the Cloud Nine Original Iron.

6. loose waves - Ailanto

Hats and Humidity

Bubbles, sun and socialising are a recipe for perspiration, and if you’re lucky enough to be inside a marquee, things just got tougher for your hair. “Protect hair from marquee humidity by applying evo’s Icon Welder, which not only offers protection for the hair while using heat tools but also humidity,” Lauren says. “Simply spray liberally on damp or dry hair before heat styling,” she says. “To avoid scalp sweat, apply evo’s Water Killer Dry Shampoo to hair roots, keeping the scalp looking and feeling fresh.” Hats off at the after party? No problems here.  

7. Hats and Humidity - Malne

Maintain your Style

Pack your clutch with the tools you need to keep your hair looking fine. “Evo offer a number of their classic products in travel size options, which can fit perfectly into your clutch,” Lauren says. Hairspray is a non-negotiable, as a small spritz mid-afternoon will keep your style in place. “Evo’s Water Killer Shampoo (both brunette and original) is also available in travel size, so you can touch up your hair throughout the day to feel and smell fresh again,” she says.

8. maintain  - Ulises Merida

The Recovery

It’s time to pay damages. “Hydration is key after a long day in the sun, so a mask will help to nourish and hydrate dry hair,” Lauren says. “Work evo’s Great Hydrator Moisture Mask through wet hair and leave on for 3-5mins, rinse with Evo’s Therapist Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner for an extra boost of hydration.” All that race day fun comes at a price, after all!

9. recover - Roberto Torretta

Image credit: Getty Images



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