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Pretty Ponies: Clip Joint creates the sophisticated hairstyle to try trackside

Ponytail envy. It’s a phenomenon that plagues women from high school to gala dinners, yoga classes and nearly every event in their adult life. There will always be one woman parading the pony of your dreams, an inexplicable fusion of shape, shine and texture that when attempted uninformed, can look as though you’re about to take a lap with the horses. Using the image above from See Want Shop as our inspiration, we turn to Clip Joint to teach us how to pin down the modern pony for our next day at the races.  

Styling a ponytail requires proper assistance, and when paired with the appropriate millinery it will add a heightened sense of sophistication to any race day look. Following a process of taming, teasing and securing, the low ponytail is a fresh way to style your tresses under a hat – plus it’s a neat method to keep your stray strands out of you lip gloss by the track.

The elegant combination of texture and movement is developed with a few handy hair tools and Evo Hair products that will soon cement their place as your beauty cabinet staples. See how Clip Joint replicates the look you need for your next racing carnival…

Step 1: After prepping your hair with Evo's builders paradise for volume, tie your hair into a side ponytail. 

Hair-2 1

Step 2: Take a small portion of your hair and wrap it around the hair tie and secure with a bobby pin (hiding the bobby pin underneath the hair as much as possible). 

hair-2 2


Step 3: Spray your ponytail with Evo's water killer spray for added texture, then tease your ponytail for volume. Voi-la - just add millinery or headwear. 

Hair-2 3


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